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Program development : refers to a specific series of actions, actions or operations, these activities, actions or operations must be performed in the same manner, thereby constancy the same results in the same environment. Roughly speaking, the program may refer to a sequence of activities, operations, steps, decision, and calculation step, i.e., when they are produced to ensure that the consequences of the situation of the product or the event in accordance with a predetermined strict sequence.


EA : complete transaction logic comprising: an admission condition is determined; 2 , position condition determination; 3 , position control; 4 , conditional appearance. Traders can write your own trading strategy toEA , calls for a variety of indicators, the price loop, compare historical data, etc. can all EA is achieved by programming methods. PC processing speed faster than the human brain, so it can be traded quickly in the admission of some fleeting opportunity, which greatly improved the quality of transactions.


Insurance planning : risk transferinsurance is to transfer out their own risk, and institutions for risk isBaoxiangongsi insurance refers to insurance premiums together to establishinsurance fund, used to compensate the insured due to natural disasters oraccidents caused by loss, or to individuals as a result of death, disability,age, duration of disease or to achieve when the contract, pay the insurancebenefits liability business practices.


Stock investment :equity investment refers to companies or individuals with accumulated money to buy stocks, in order to obtain the benefits of behavior. Stock investment income is from "income gains" and "capital gains" two-part.


Quantitative investment :quantitativeinvestment refers to the issue of the number of buy and sell orders by computerand stylized way to get a stable revenue for trading purposes.


Business acquisitions : enterprises to obtain an enterprise or part of the investment behavior of full ownership by certain programs and tools.


Foreign direct investment : investorscross-border investment in a country's capital and other factors of productionin order to obtain the


Management Trust : Trust funds to invest inhigher commercial banks or other financial institutions, credit ratingguarantees or repurchase of trust products.


RMB investment : that is, customers will beentrusted to the hands of the RMB funds to qualified commercial banks, by aqualified commercial banks

Forex trading EA mainstream wisdom classificat

Forex EA mainstream wisdom transaction typeclassification

Since the past few years EA Technology hasbeen a great development, a variety of new EA continue to emerge, I probablyonly its classification, is not perfect and rigorous, please forgive me.  

1. Trends class     of the most common and most mature type,category trends. Most mainstream EA type, generally based on various indicatorsand strategies for admission to the operation.    

2. Grid class     features like the Internet in general isvery obvious that a lot of the list, and Fukui is very large, only the profitlist all appearances, the benefits clear: equity curve abnormal smooth, verysmooth earnings. But the disadvantages are also extremely clear: you can make abig trend warehouse explosion, plus the principal amount of profit a few monthscan disappear within a few days.    

But for the big money, the use of verysmall positions, it is quite safe, and the other with a gold strategy on aregular basis, can be considered a minor risk way.  

3. neural network type     such EA is only recently developed theso-called neural networks that white is the analogy of the brain thoughtprocesses, and historical trends for continuous learning. Thus, such EA is notsubstantial historical backtesting, because it has learned it in the"brain" in the. Such EA is an emerging breed, remains to be seenwhether stable earnings.  

4. Scalping like     these should be said that the minimumrisk, maximum profitability Efficiency EA , and its trading hours to only a fewseconds. But it spreads and platform latency requirements are extremely high,and because of its exceptionally good performance will attract a large numberof people to use in a short time, causing Broker attention, and a number ofother reasons, such EA often can only be achieved profits in a short time, notlong-term stable earnings.  

5. currency related classes     through the correlation of differentcurrencies to trade, such EA biggest drawback is that can not be measured back,you can not know its analog performance, only to examine its performance byobserving the operation of the firm.  

6. Miscellaneous     In fact, many EA are integrated classes,some of EA , although the trend admission, has adopted its aggressive financialmanagement, enlarge its warehouse explosion risk.

Some Grid class EA uses a class Martingalemoney management (Madinggeer law, similar to the adverse Opening), abandonedthe market-neutral admission policy, but use some indicators to determineadmission.    When we look at a EA whennecessary to understand the type and fund management, do not be fooled perfectequity curve, not to listen to boast seller, everything depends on your ownknowledge to judge.