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Win purity International Limited is a fullservice company, established in 2013, registered in the Hong Kong InternationalFinancial Center.Geographical, economic, tax and legal environments areconducive to capital protection for foreign investors. Win purity Internationalis dedicated to serving wealthy clients from around the world, specializing inwealth and asset management, developing and delivering tailor-made investmentsolutions.

Investment philosophy

We emphasize the standards of honesty andintegrity, our board of directors and senior management lead by example.Withfirm conviction and longterm value through commitment and responsibility, weare committed to providing professional service to each of our clients. Ourprimary responsibility is to ensure the safety and well-being of our wealth,taking into account the professional financial needs of each client.

Risk Management

All of our teams, whether marketing ordesign or development, have the latest current technical know-how. Diversifymaintenance and change operations, as well as risk management, includingincremental growth and evolution, by business and region. After the globalfinancial crisis, Win purity International Limited and the Bank still have astrong financial position under our sound risk management framework. We alwaystry to clearly understand and distinguish between the worst-case outcomes andthe consequences to ensure that these risks are tolerable.

Investment Cooperation

Win purityInternational Co., Ltd. upholdthe "customer independence, excellence," the concept of "seriousand responsible to achieve the maximization of customer interests," as aconsistent guideline to provide customers with wealth management services, payattention to strengthening the extensive cooperation with fund companies,well-known securities firms On the basis of fully understanding the investmentresearch ability and investment management ability of fund companies andbrokerage firms, the Company screened the products through the three-stage riskcontrol system. Committed to a comprehensive asset allocation program toprotect the customer's assets, value-added escort.

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Apply for an agent Upon examination, theCommissioner will be sent to contact you and the Division's fund sales businessis to receive toll rewards (various remuneration, fees and other benefits) fromeach of the securities investment trusts, the agents and overseas fundinstitutions in support of customer service And marketing costs, and earn salescommissions. However, due to the nature of the funds and the differentmarketing strategies of the respective fund companies, the items and amounts ofthe channel remuneration received from the respective fund companies when theCompany sells different funds are therefore different.

The funds sold by the Company and its salesstaff may not be consistent with the interests of the individual-sideinvestment portfolio at the same site. Please request that the investmenttarget be carefully selected according to the investment objectives of theclient and the risk attributes of the fund.

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If the agency related doubts please emailcustomer service

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Customer Service Hotline: + 852-35196399 FAX: + 852-30191801

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Address: Room 503, 5 / F, Tower 2, Newport Center, 30 Canton Road, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong


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